Doctoral Study Programme Landscape and garden architecture

Graduate profile

Graduate of the study programme Landscape and garden architecture in the 3rd degree has comprehensive knowledge in the field of spatial planning and landscape creation, understands the principles of creation of green objects, their historical development and restoration procedures. Knows the methodology and means of scientific research in landscape and garden architecture. He is able to analyze and creatively influence land use in accordance with social and environmental priorities of society. For the purposes of analysis, evaluation and modelling in the country is able to use GIS and CAD systems. Can creatively apply knowledge from the field of landscape architecture and other related branches of science to solve practical tasks in the field of sustainable land use and complex development of settlements. It proposes new approaches, methods and technologies for the planning, design, establishment and management of green infrastructure. Is able to present and confront its own knowledge, approaches or solutions in a critical environment of the scientific community. It can coordinate work in research or implementation teams also at the international level.

Graduate employment

Graduates can find employment in education or research in landscape design and planning. In implementation practice and project activities, in policy formation and in consulting. May be carry out professional activities in the field of spatial planning, landscape architecture, environment, production and control of plant material of woody plants and herbs.

• Landscape architect;
• Specialist in the field of science development, research, innovation;
• Assistant Professor at University;
• Spatial planning specialist;
• Expert of the State Administration for Environmental Protection;
• Phytopathologist;
• Phytoinspektor

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>> Doctoral (PhD) thesis (2023/2024)


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