Bachelor Study Programme HORTICULTURE

Graduate profile

Graduates are academically qualified specialists in the field of Horticulture. They are able to use acquired skills in the cultivation of horticultural crops, including safe cultivation of plants with regards to fertiliser application in the sphere of viticulture, pomiculture, floriculture, vegetable gardening and production of root and aromatic plants. They are qualified for the operational management and growing of horticultural crops in the open field conditions and they have a good understanding of the newest reproduction technologies in various horticultural sectors. Graduates are also trained in the basic techniques of grape processing and grape vine production.

Employability of graduates

Graduates prove competent as technical staff in horticultural services as well as consultants in application of vegetable, fruit, ornamental trees and grape vines reproduction technologies. They may also be employed as technical assistants in cellar management and as specialist advisers in governmental and public administration. They can also work as specialists in all forms of horticultural production, marketing, trade, processing, research and education.


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