Master Study Programme HORTICULTURE

Graduate profile

Graduates represent academically educated specialists with a comprehensive insight and knowledge of horticulture production. They master contemporary growing technologies in viticulture, vegetable, flower, and fruit production, including integrated and ecological systems of their production with an emphasis on production of quality raw material and the subsequent post-harvest processing and storage. Graduates are trained in grape processing and wine production with focus on the attributes of high quality wines. They are able to solve problems in the field of research, know how to manage the production and marketing process, how to join common projects at the level of EU requirements.

Employability of graduates

Graduates perform as specialists in all forms of horticultural production and subsequent processing units, marketing, trade, research and breeding. They find jobs in the private sector, education, government and at testing sites of the Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture, furthermore as managers of garden centres, greenhouse economies and as designers of orchards, vineyards and nurseries or as main cellar technologists in small, medium and large wineries. They can conduct consulting services for horticultural production, be advisors for the establishment and operation of fruit orchards, vineyards, cellar management, vegetable plantations and fruit and wine-growing nurseries. Graduates can also continue in their studies at the doctoral level.


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