Doctoral Study Programme HORTICULTURE

Graduate profile

Graduates of the study programme Horticulture in the 3rd degree of the study manage scientific methods of solving the tasks of horticulture, research, its individual sectors such as fruit growing, viticulture, wine production, vegetable farming, floriculture and nursery production. It participates in the compiling of scientific projects, which manages at the professional and scientific level. During the study, acquires the principles of independent and teamwork, understand scientific methods, basic experimental research, scientific analysis and synthesis of results with a reflection translate into the new technologies. Is capable of creative work, responding to domestic as well as international project challenges and knowledge, which can use in the field of science and research. Can speak at international conferences, present scientific publications, process searches, formulate conclusions. Is ready to process and submit projects, grants with the topic of horticultural primary production in the field of basic and applied research. Graduate of the 3rd degree of the study programme Horticulture acquire knowledge from various fields at the level of an independent manager in the field of horticulture, furthermore is able to prepare the documents for the implementation of the design of orchards, vineyards and cellar technology.

Graduate employment

Theoretical knowledge and practical skills of graduates of the 3rd degree of study provide a wide range of possibilities for their employment.

Graduate of the study program:

• may apply competences as a leader of the creative research team, as an independent researcher at universities, at the Academy of Sciences, research and development workplaces, state authority and authority of municipalities and
consulting companies;
• may carry out expert activities in horticulture, fruit production, viticulture and wine production, cultivation of flowers as well as environmental management;
• finds employment in design companies focused on designing gardens, orchards, flower gardens, vineyards;
• is able to hold expert positions at both national and European level;
• is able to solve scientifically the possibilities of increasing the content of bioactive substances in plant products and edibles of plant origin;
• is able to solve scientifically the use of bioremediation techniques to eliminate soil contaminants before entering into the agricultural crops;
• is able to solve scientifically the possibilities of antibacterial agents on products and edibles of plant origin.

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