Graduate profile

Graduates of the programme Landscape and Garden Architecture will acquire knowledge in relevant humanity disciplines and the basics of design and creative ability. They will pass technical and corresponding technological subjects. They have knowledge of natural and technical sciences, landscape theory, graphic design, architectural drawings and construction details. They understand garden history and theory, principles of garden and landscape design, they have knowledge of plant assortment (native and introduced species) used in the garden and landscape design as well as suitable techniques for planting and maintenance. Graduates can use relevant computer programmes and graphic software.

Employability of graduates

Graduates are able to work in professional teams as well as run their own business in the field of residential garden design. They are qualified to solve simple landscape-architectural solutions by hand drawing or using computer graphics. They can design small architecture constructions; work in professional teams, participate in activities related to environmental protection and maintenance, run private business in the field of greenery management and design.



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