Bachelor Study Programme LANDSCAPE ENGINEERING

Graduate profile

Graduates will acquire complex knowledge of landscape components, their analyses, planning, management and protection. They have a knowledge based on biological and technical disciplines, which enable comprehensive solutions in rural landscapes in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development and current legislation in Slovakia and the EU. Graduates will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of landscape water management, protection of soil, water and air quality, waste management, organisation, use and improvement of the land resources soil fund and assessment of the quality of environment and its components. They will also acquire skills in the field of information technologies, CAD design and GIS. They are able to analyse, evaluate and assess all activities related to landscape and environment with emphasis on water regime regulation, building up missing resources, drought and flood protection measures and their optimal design.

Employability of graduates

Gained skills and knowledge will allow graduates to work in the public and private sectors (project, investment and supplier organisations), with focus on components of landscape protection, water and waste management, rehabilitation, restoration and construction interventions in the landscape; in the field of administration and operation of water management units (e.g. catchment enterprises, management of hydrological improvement, hydromelioration facilities and water management companies); in public institutions and the commercial sphere, at the property, forestry, waste, environment and land registry cadastral divisions and their client centres; in the advisory services, particularly in environmental issues, assessing the impact of activities on the environment, in the management of secondary raw materials and the protection and evaluation of land; in the supplying organisations with focus on amelioration and water management engineering.



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