Graduate profile

Graduates have a principal knowledge of land water management, protection of soil, water, air and biota, comprehensive land consolidation solutions and solving technical problems using GIS and CAD software applications. Graduates acquire the ability to identify and manage compounds and elements of the landscape structure, their ecological, environmental, functional and landscape-aesthetic characteristics. They are able to plan and design solutions that respect the characteristics of the site and ensure their sustainability, undertake projects related to rural landscape development, taking into account the environmental requirements.

Employability of graduates

Graduates have a comprehensive technical and ecological knowledge, which extends their job opportunities in project practice as a designer in the fields of landscaping, water management, waste management, fertilisation measures on land resources. They can work on the documentation of environmental impact assessment processes and as independent senior officials in the government, local authorities, bodies of nature protection, organisations dealing with landscape engineering issues or in organisations of disposal, treatment and recovery of municipal, agricultural and industrial wastes. Graduates can also work on building the environmental management systems in manufacturing enterprises and organisations, as well as in third-sector organisations with an environmental focus.


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