Doctoral Study Programme LANDSCAPE ENGINEERING

Graduate profile

The Landscape Engineering study program offers the opportunity to acquire knowledge of organisational, biological, agronomical, technological and constructional measures for landscape projects. It includes the creation of economically efficient and highly productive land use, aesthetic, cultural and bio-economically balanced residential environment of settlements and landscape. It includes the issue of harmonisation of production activities, their diversification with the creation of healthy living conditions focused on sustainable living. Specifically, the organisation and the use of land resources is addressed in the context of land consolidation aiming at improvement of production and operational conditions, living conditions of rural population, location of centres and the ancillary facilities of agricultural production in accordance with the interests of aquaculture, forestry, transport infrastructure, rural build-up area, etc. This issue is closely related to soil protection and its improvement, nature and landscape conservation, protection of water resources quantity and quality, protection of rare plant and animal species and their habitats. Part of the issue is the area of waste management and disposal of environmental burdens. Another important issue is the environmental impact assessment and the introduction of environmental management systems. Equally important is the question of assessment of cultural and historical potential of the landscape, landscape creation by application of vegetation elements and nature-based solutions.

Employability of graduates

Graduates of the third level of the study programme Landscape Engineering find their realisation in science and research at universities, in institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, in scientific research base, in practice, solving national tasks on comprehensive planning activities, with an emphasis on territorial and regional planning. They use acquired scientific approaches to optimise the land use for the purposes of agricultural and industrial production, housing, recreation, ecological stability improvement and creation of cultural and aesthetic environment.


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