Doctoral Study Programme LANDSCAPE ENGINEERING

Graduate profile

The Doctoral Study Programme Landscape Engineering is focused on the study of processes in the country and on the interaction of human activities in the landscape space, taking into account a set of organizational, biological, agrotechnical and technicalconstruction arrangements solved in the country. The program is focused on the education of a graduate who dominate the principles and procedures of scientific work, in which he will apply approaches based on interdisciplinary contexts. The aim of the study is to teach the student to analyze and understand the interaction in the country and use the acquired knowledge to eliminate negative impacts on the country. The concept of the study programme is based on interdisciplinarities and includes the issues of climate change, water management, land consolidation, soil protection and reclamation, nature and landscape protection, environmental management, waste management and circular management. The study is based on the use of the GIS tools and modern simulation tools that are applied by the analyzing the problems and looking for their optimal solutions. The student will acquire the knowledge of scientific, theoretical and experimental methods and procedures in the area of landscape and is able to bring own original solutions and strategies. During the study, emphasis is placed on the internationalization of study in the form of study stays and internships at one of the partner workplaces abroad. Graduates of the program are able to employ in the field of science, research and education, as well as in various leadership positions in a state and public administration, managerial positions of companies, design studios and can hold positions at the level of national and European authorities.

Graduate employment

Graduate of the study program:

• may his/her competences aplied s a leader of the creative research team, as an independent researcher at universities, in the academy of sciences, research and development workplaces, state authorities and authorities of municipalities, consulting companies, etc.
• may carry out expert activities in the fields of landscape planning, landscape consolidaton, waste and water management, as well as environmental management;
• finds the job in design companies focused on projection of land consolidation, hydro-melioration structures, water conservation and anti-erosion arrangements,
• is able to hold expert positions at both national and European level.

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>> Doctoral (PhD) thesis (2023/2024)


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