ADAPTAN II - Integrated approaches to the adaptation of the landscape of the Moravian-Silesian Region to climate change


The project builds on the previous, successfully evaluated project AdaptaN I, which was solved in the period 2015-2016 and was financially supported by the EEA mechanism Norwegian Funds. The aim of the project is in accordance with the main goal of the call "Bergen" EEA NF to support the implementation of selected nature-friendly adaptation and mitigation measures in the Moravian-Silesian region.
The Moravian-Silesian Region (MSR) was the first region in the Czech Republic to develop "Adaptation Strategy of the Region for the Impacts of Climate Change (CCh). The project will support next phases of implementation and realization of adaptation measures in MSR, will elaborate the whole implementation process of adaptation for free landscape and suburban zones as a model for other czech regions. It will apply integrated approaches according to the National Action Plan for CCh and it will contribute to the implementation of 7 measures according to the MSR Adaptation Strategy.
In accordance with the BERGEN call, the project supports the implementation of selected nature-friendly adaptation and mitigation measures in the MSR. The project is aimed at supporting the goals of regional, national and European strategies for adaptation to CCh. The project mainly addresses protection against drought and erosion, reduction of material runoff, strengthening retention and improving the green infrastructure of the landscape. The suitable areas for precise targeting of measures will be defined together with the instructions for landscape adaptation.
Activities and outputs are planned for the whole region, selected territories, and pilot municipalities.
The Regional and the municipal authorities, Odra River Basin, Forest of the Czech Republic, State land Office and Ministry of Environment and Agriculture will benefit from the implementation of the project. The project website will make the outputs available to the general public, NGOs, designers, universities and high schools.
The involvement of NIBIO will transfer Norwegian experience and Slovak approaches from the SPU. Based on an international partnership, 5 research entities (3 European countries) are connected.
Project duration:
July 2021 - April 2024

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