Talent Entrance Examination 2018/2019

Description of the Talent Entrance Examination:

Drawing /INTERIOR/, 150 min. (Still life study with perspective space expression, use of visualization in practice, simplification of objects on basic geometric shapes and linear modelling of light / shadow).

Creating your own composition, 120 min. (Solution of the space, expressing the idea of gardening, landscaping, editing the structure of the paper surface).

Personal Interview focusing on a general overview of the applicant linked to her/his current activities related to the study program Landscape and Garden Architecture. The portfolio of work is voluntary.

Prijímacie talentové skúšky 2017/2018


I.     Drawing                 max. 25 points

II.    Composition            max. 25 points

III.    Personal Interview  max. 5 points

       Total     max. 55 points (successful passing of the Talent Entrance Examination = 36 points)

Achieved Score is published in the section below titled as "Related Documents". The result is published under the applicant's identification number. The minimum score for the successful passing of the Talent Entrance Examination is 36 points. The Admission Committee (4.5.2018) will assign the order of the applicants in terms of "Conditions for Admission to I. Level of Education (Bachelor Study) at FHLE SUA in Nitra for Academic Year 2018 / 2019" where the study results from the secondary school will be reviewed in addition to the Talent Entrance Examination results.

Decision on admission based on the outcome of the admission procedure will be sent within 30 days after verifying the fulfilment of admission conditions for study of each applicant.

Author: doc. Ing. Lenka Lackóová, PhD.