Conditions for Admission to I. Level of Education (Bachelor Study) for Academic Year 2019 / 2020

SP Horticulture and Landscape Engineering


Date of Meeting of the Admission Commission: 19. June 2019

Requirements for admission to study:

Basic conditions

  • - Completion of either full secondary education or full secondary vocational education.

Additional admission requirements

  • - Selection of applicants for SP Horticulture and Landscape Engineering will be made by ranking according to the results of study at the secondary school where the qualitative indicator will be the study average of achieved marks in the first three years.
  • - The Talent Entrance Examination is obligatory for the SP Landscape and Garden Architecture (ranking is based on the Talent Examination results, and in case of equal points of two candidates, the study results from the secondary school are taken into account).
  • - For applicants who are not admitted to a prior study program, the Dean of the Faculty reserves the right to accept the candidate for another related study program.

General Admission Information:

  • - The applicant for study may apply for more than one study program per application (only one application fee for the admission procedure is paid)
  • - The compulsory annexes to the application are a curriculum vitae and a certified copy of the school-leaving certificate for candidates who graduated before 2018.
  • - The compulsory annex to the application is filled table of marks from the end-of-year certificates in the first three years certified by the secondary school.
  • - An invitation to the Talent Entrance Examination or a Letter of Acceptance will be sent only to candidates who together with application attached the proof of payment of the application fee.
  • - Incomplete applications (e.g. without proof of payment of the application fee) will be returned to the applicant.
  • - The faculty will send information about the Talent Entrance Examination to the applicants and, if necessary, further information regarding the admission procedure.
  • - Applicants for study will submit a certified copy of the school-leaving certificate (if not a part of the application) by the deadline (not later than the day of enrolment).

Coordinator for Applicants / Students with Special Needs