Department of Landscape Planning and Land Consolidation (DLPLC)

Department of Landscape Planning and Land Consolidation (DLPLC)

Hospodárska 7, Nitra, Slovakia

The long-term scientific activities of the department are aimed at research and land modification (land ownership arrangement, land consolidation), geographic information systems, landscape modelling, spatial data collection on landscape (remote survey, photogrammetry, geodesy), evaluation and protection of the elements of environment for enhancing ecological stability and biodiversity. Also, the department deals with the waste management (waste management programs, new technologies and waste management practices - separation, recycling, composting, energy recovery and landfilling).


  • Cadastral modification (projects, administrative work)
  • Comprehensive approach to design and protection of the landscape
  • Building the landscape elements databases
  • Graphical outputs of spatial information and geometric plans
  • Modelling hydrological and erosive phenomena in landscape and ecological measures in the landscape
  • Analysis of the composition of solid municipal waste in the municipalities
  • Proposals for an efficient separate system in the villages and consulting on the waste prevention

Contact:, tel.: +421 (37) 641 5214

Head of department: doc. Ing. Lucia Tátošová, PhD.

Secretary: Ing. Dagmar Dobiašová, PhD.

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