Department of Planting Design and Maintenance (DPDM)

Department of Planting Design and Maintenance (DPDM)

Tulipánová 7, Nitra, Slovakia

This department provides education in the field of proper use of plants (trees, shrubs and perennials) in an urbanized environment and in the landscape. The scientific research activities are focused on the study of the plant species biodiversity and their population ecology, as well as on the experimental assessment of the adaptability of plants under the changed environmental and climate conditions. The department also deals with the application of biotechnological methods for the protection of biodiversity, cultivation technologies of ornamental woods and herbs production.


  • Green infrastructure proposal
  • Research and development of the biodiversity
  • Assessment of greenery and trees inventory
  • Monitoring of the ornamental plants pests
  • Arboristic assessment and treatment of trees

Contact:, tel.: +421 (37) 641 5430

Head of department: prof. Ing. Viera Paganová, PhD.

Secretary: Daniela Zeleňáková

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