Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (DWREE)

Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (DWREE)

Hospodárska 7, Nitra, Slovakia

The profile and scientific research of the department are aimed at the protection of water resources against pollution, protection of landscape against floods, water erosion, revitalization of small water courses and reservoirs, water management of agricultural land and rural settlements, management of the water regime by irrigation, drainage and water accumulation in reservoirs. They also deal with the topics related to the water management of small municipalities focusing on water supply network, sewerage and waste water treatment. The department also deals with legislation on landscape and environmental protection, modelling the river basin water balance, drainage of river bed water as well as has laboratories for assessing quality and quantity of the water.


  • Flood protection management plan
  • Monitoring of surface and subsurface water
  • Modern irrigation technologies
  • Revitalisation and design of the river basins
  • Water supply and sewage treatment
  • Quality of the environment

Contact:, tel.: +421 (37) 641 5234

Head of department: Ing. Jozefína Pokrývková, PhD.

Secretary: Dana Gašparovičová

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