Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering

The Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering (FHLE) was established in 1995. The priority areas of FHLE activities include science and research, which are a prerequisite for fulfilling a mission in the field of education.

The faculty guarantees education in accredited study programs at all three levels of education, implemented by the ECTS credit system.

Our academic training is focused on education of professionals specialized in horticultural production, fruit propagation, viticulture and winemaking, vegetable and floriculture, garden, urban and landscape design, public landscape architectural design, specialized and recreational open spaces, revitalization of historical parks and villages, principles of establishment and maintenance of different types of greenery, theory and practices of landscaping, soil protection, water and air quality control, and waste management.

FHLE also cooperates with other departments and faculties, entrepreneurs, research institutes and organizations to improve the teaching process, to enable students to gain specific knowledge and skills, which will improve their social and professional status as graduates in current society.